Canon illness

It’s an infliction that will affect your Canon SLR at some point. The Canon cough, the sneeze, squeak, what ever you call it it’s a pain in the ass. I don’t really mind my camera sounding like a squirrel at a singing audition but things do slow down and eventually the mirror will probably lock. This is going to happen at a) the wedding that you’ve agreed to shoot as a favor because you’re the only person who doesn’t solely use an I Phone for pictures or b) the alien abduction of your next door neighbor. Whenever it happens it probably wont be the best time.

I bought another pretty tidy looking A-1 last week with the idea of loading colour in one and monochrome in another but it’s got the squeak. I’ve been looking into solutions and today I ordered a syringe and dug out some synthetic oil I had for lubing rotary tattoo machines. Hopefully by next week I’ll have a camera that doesn’t cry in pain at every touch or a shiny doner camera for £35. Either way it cam with a mint 28-70mm Tokina lens which I’ve took a shine to so no major loss.

Once I get the syringe I’ll add a post showing how it’s done, I know there’s plenty of You Tube videos, but I’ll try and be more specific on the location of the mirror brake position. If it all goes Pete Tong I’ll try the WD40 method. This could end in tears.

Well, I’m here…..

Well, I’m here…..

….. but why? OK, I’m starting this to broadcast my passion, my obsession. Film Photography. I’m far from being at a level I’d like to be at but I’m running out of places to chew the fat & ramble. Out of a pretty large circle of friends only one shares my enthusiasm but he’s a couch potato. Getting him out at first light is not easy but in all honesty I prefer solo.

I shoot 35mm & a bit of digital. I’ve got a Fuji X100 which I’d never get rid of, and would maybe buy a X-Pro 1, probably, but my love is film. I’ve got cameras from the early 1900’s, Kodak bellows, through TLR’s from the 50’s, Russian Rangefinders, you name it I may have it.  Recently I’ve got back into the 35mm SLR’s. When I wanted one in the early 80’s I couldn’t afford one but now they’re as cheap as chips. Thank you digital.

At the minute I’m using two Canon A-1’s, a Canon AV-1 and a Minolta X-300 as my weapons of choice. I’m leaning towards the A-1’s as my go to but I’ve also got a Minolta X-700, Fujica 605N and a Practika MTL which also see the light of day.

Once I get this Blog up and running I’m going to add posts on shoots, mainly street, urban, landscape & concept, reviews on stuff that was probably reviewed around 30+ years ago, how to’s and maybe a section dedicated to my inspirations, Robert Frank, Gary Winogrand, Ansel Adams etc.

Hang around and maybe something will be useful or pass half an hour.