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Well, I’m here…..

Well, I’m here…..

….. but why? OK, I’m starting this to broadcast my passion, my obsession. Film Photography. I’m far from being at a level I’d like to be at but I’m running out of places to chew the fat & ramble. Out of a pretty large circle of friends only one shares my enthusiasm but he’s a couch potato. Getting him out at first light is not easy but in all honesty I prefer solo.

I shoot 35mm & a bit of digital. I’ve got a Fuji X100 which I’d never get rid of, and would maybe buy a X-Pro 1, probably, but my love is film. I’ve got cameras from the early 1900’s, Kodak bellows, through TLR’s from the 50’s, Russian Rangefinders, you name it I may have it.  Recently I’ve got back into the 35mm SLR’s. When I wanted one in the early 80’s I couldn’t afford one but now they’re as cheap as chips. Thank you digital.

At the minute I’m using two Canon A-1’s, a Canon AV-1 and a Minolta X-300 as my weapons of choice. I’m leaning towards the A-1’s as my go to but I’ve also got a Minolta X-700, Fujica 605N and a Practika MTL which also see the light of day.

Once I get this Blog up and running I’m going to add posts on shoots, mainly street, urban, landscape & concept, reviews on stuff that was probably reviewed around 30+ years ago, how to’s and maybe a section dedicated to my inspirations, Robert Frank, Gary Winogrand, Ansel Adams etc.

Hang around and maybe something will be useful or pass half an hour.